Wheel Refurbish

We offer wheel repair services on all kind of wheels like OEM, Aftermarket one piece wheels, American Made three piece forged wheels, Import JDM splitting thee piece welded wheels and relipping. Straightening small bends or buckles. Straightening, Welding, Lug Hole Repair, Drilling and Inserting, Curb Rash Repair, Splitting.

Powder Coating

Powder coating services on many
We can powder coat any type of metal that resist 400 degrees. (Wheels, Calipers, Motorcycle parts, Car parts). We stock a variety of powders including semi gloss, gloss, flat, candys, and clears. and we can custom order any other color out there.

Metal Polishing & Refurbish

Polishing and Refurbishing on all kind of metals. we also prep items for paint or chrome.
Items like:Automobile: Wheels, Grills, Trims, exhaust system, engine parts etc.
House: Antiques, Chandeliers, Knobs, etc.
Bikes: Frame, Wheels, Handles, etc.
Billets, Machine parts.
Type of metal finishes: Mirror Finish – Satin brushed – Grinding finish etc

Custom Badges & Hitch Covers

Send us your logo idea or theme and AMC will take it to the next level. All custom designs are send it out for customer’s approval before cutting. Each logo is designed with unreal details as well as many finishes options to set you apart. Designs can be used for other applications like trailers, side badges, tailgates, wheel caps, shops, signs, school, organization, or team. It’s also a very inexpensive way to dress up your car or truck. Colors & Finishes: You can choose gloss black, matte black, aluminum polished, factory color matching, custom colors, or chrome for your grille frame, and any other design or logo pieces.