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AMC Wheel Repair Service is a full-service wheel repair company. We are expert in scratched, curb rehashing, scraped, bent, cracked wheels and rims. We refinish, refurbish, restore and polish aluminum rim. Additionally, we carry out powder coating services.

At AMC Wheel Repair Service, we go beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of our customers and surpass their expectations every step of the way. We are fully committed to conducting ourselves with respect, fairness and honesty to each other and every customer.

It is guaranteed that our wheel repair center will offer the best services at fair prices. We value every experience along the customer journey from inquiries, booking an appointment to the actual service itself; we make it as riveting as it can be, providing quality work every time.

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Are your wheels lacking shine and turning heads with dirt and grime? Do they have bent rims? Or you have just hit a curb? If you suffer from any of these, you need a wheel reconditioning from AMC Wheel Repair Service.

Our wheel repair and refurbishing service is a cost-effective alternative to buying new wheels. We have the expertise to fix your damaged wheels and can recondition your wheel in as little as 24 hours.

AMC Wheel Repair Service can make your wheels look like brand new. We have several years of experience refinishing mobile wheels for a wide range of customers. Our talented technicians have undergone years of training to offer the highest quality repairs using the best techniques and materials in line with industry standards. With our dedication to service, we can restore your wheel to OEM specifications.

Wheels are known to endure a great amount of force. Even their exposure to the outside element can do a great deal of damage. It is therefore important to keep your wheels in top conditions at all time, as they are an essential feature of your vehicle. Whether you need to repair your bent wheel or refinish them, AB Wheel Repair Service is here to help.

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Get in touch with our customer service team on how we can be of help. All inquiries will be handled as they come in, and we hope to serve you now and going forward the best way we can.

Our Services

Scratched Rim Repair

Your rims play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. You’ll find it difficult to hide any scratch, scrape, or ding on your rim. Have a rim repair specialist refinish your damaged rim like you will have an auto body specialist fix a scratch on your paint job. We are poised to provide scratch rim repair. Irrespective of how minor the damage to your rim may be, our team of highly skilled technicians fixes it as quickly as possible.

Wheel Refinishing & Polishing Services

Brushing up your car goes beyond visiting the car wash. We specialize in refinishing and polishing of wheels. With our wealth of experience in wheel care, we put that finishing touch to your car using top-notch refinishing service. At the end of it all, you’ll be driving the slickest car in town.

Damaged and Bent Wheel Repair

The responsibility to make your car safe lies with you. If you continue to drive a vehicle that has some damages, you may be prone to risk any time you drive out because your wheels and tires endured constant pressure and happen to be the most vulnerable . In case your wheels are cracked or bent, you may consider scheduling an appointment with AMC Wheel Repair Service.

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Our mission at AMC Wheel Repair Service has not changed: to provide the highest customer service while keeping your vehicle in top conditions. Because we have great respect for you and your wheels, it rests assured that every experience will be a rewarding one. Bring your car in today

What Our Client Say

I’ve had parts for my 1970 Cadillac & 1965 Mercury Convertible polished and chromed . They were done quickly and great quality . I’m very happy and will use them in the future !
Charles Hornsby Jr
Excellent quality and customer service. Promptly answered all of my questions. Very accomodating on custom orders! Created a 5″ brushed aluminum Punisher hitch cover. Arrived super fast. LOVE IT! Thank you.
Cheryl Dobbins Hege
Great customer service! I ordered center caps for my 26 inch Davins and I was very pleased with the quality and fast shipping. Highly recommend.
Derrick Guy
Just received my new Chevy custom punisher bow tie and it looks awesome. Just installed which wasn’t that difficult.. been looking all over and they pulled through with exactly what I was looking for and came out better than I thought it would..thanks again AMC�
Kua Kekoa
I couldn’t find a Batman symbol for my 2013 Chevy Camaro. I contacted AMC to get one custom made. They exceed all my expectations. The design is very high quality and fits perfectly on the grill. Been getting compliments from Batman fans every since!
Earl Morgan
Custom job. Great responses. Final product was f*’ing AWESOME! highly recommend!